Creating, accelerating and realising intrinsic
value through investment, proactive strategic
and operational engagement
and capital optimisation.



Enabling accelerated knowledge transfer
through disruptively innovative, practical and
engaging approaches.



Solving complex problems and executing
strategic initiatives with excellence.


We are known for designing bespoke, impactful, innovative and accelerated learning interventions. We pride ourselves on integrated content that is highly memorable, easy to absorb, incremental, and above all, applicable in practice. We have highly experienced trainers that identify the optimal way to deliver large amounts of complex content in a rapid and intuitive way.

We do this using visual tools, engaging exercises and integrated examples to ensure a well-rounded understanding.

Professional knowledge transfer


We design and train a range of technical content for professionals, from relatively introductory to highly applied and advanced skills. Our content covers finance, financial modelling, IFRS, impairment, Excel, hedging, banking, lending, credit analysis, derivatives, risk management, XVA, tax, capital, commercial acumen, accounting and business (financial and consumer) numeracy.


Our soft skills training is underpinned by output driven results. We cover business writing, EQ, diversity in the workplace, women in leadership, sales skills and change enablement.

Accelerated Learning for School:

We have designed content for mathematics and accounting which compresses a number of years of content into a very short space of time. This is achieved by integrating various components and delivering these in a manageable, incremental, intuitive and visual manner. It helps learners apply these fundamental principles to exam-relevant case studies. We have innovative ways to ensure that learners are deeply engaged and motivated before we commence with the content. By building the foundational principles first, even learners who have missed key aspects in their prior schooling will be able to follow the content and catch-up certain deficiencies in their understanding.


Over a 20-year period, our people have provided training to major banks, large corporations and senior audiences in many countries.

The content of our training material is based on the unique business and technical challenges that our clients face right now. We train with a relentless focus on practical application. No matter who we’re training or what their job title is, we teach skills that our delegates can use immediately, skills that have a real impact on their day to day responsibilities and consequently on their company’s holistic business success.

Our bespoke seminars and workshops focus on a wide variety of topics. We provide training on topics that are directly relevant and context specific to our client’s business.