Creating, accelerating and realising intrinsic
value through investment, proactive strategic
and operational engagement
and capital optimisation.



Enabling accelerated knowledge transfer
through disruptively innovative, practical and
engaging approaches.



Solving complex problems and executing
strategic initiatives with excellence.


We are an entrepreneurial firm applying our deep experience in corporate transactions in order to increase value. We want to be active partner’s in the ventures we undertake. We don’t just invest in or set up the finance deal and then walk away.


Silent or financial partner? That’s NOT how we do things.

To maximise the chance of success, our founders stay involved in the venture for the long term, providing expert business advice and support. We are a proactive, value-adding partner

  • Originate

    Through our clients, partners and extensive networks, both locally and internationally, we identify investment and growth opportunities for the benefit of our clients, partners and for investment or co-investment opportunities

  • Assess and analyses

    Prior to making any investment decisions, we apply our deep financial skill, corporate finance experience and banking expertise to fully comprehend and then boost the potential of our carefully selected opportunities.

  • Structure

    Our deal structuring, financial and tax expertise, allows us to optimise the manner in which opportunities are implemented to improve alignment of interests, mitigate risk, and enhance performance.

  • Implement

    We manage the key negotiations and legal implementation of the investment in question.

  • Uplift

    We strive, through active involvement, to enhance the value of our investment for the benefit, and alignment of incentives, amongst all stakeholders.

  • Realise

    Where appropriate, we assist with value realisation by way of the ultimate sale, merger or acquisition of investments.

Growth capital

We back entrepreneurs to build market-leading businesses that redefine their industries.

We have assisted a range of businesses including early and growth-stage technology, financial services and property businesses to achieve remarkable growth, using our extensive network and financial expertise to help them grow into profitable, scalable and new age companies.

Equity capital

We help entrepreneurs identify and obtain optimal funding for their business and connect them with the most suitable investors.

We have a hand-picked network of capital partners who wish to provide equity capital to exciting businesses, ranging from promising start-ups, to mature and established operations.

Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) consulting

We provide strategic consulting services focused on the measurement of BEE compliance, target setting and management.

We help conceptualise and implement solutions that improve your BEE scorecard on an optimised risk-return basis.


We are experts in arranging appropriate growth capital financing that limits ownership dilution for our clients. We use our specialist expertise to raise and refinance capital and negotiate funding terms that satisfy both our clients and financial institutions

Balance sheet restructuring

We assist our clients to find the optimal balance and sources of capital (debt and equity) which includes, optimising the cost of debt through restructuring the nature, components, risk profile and currency of debt funding.

These services include assistance with repricing and consolidation of debt based on our banking relationships and deep expertise in the credit, regulatory capital and pricing elements of debt.