Management Information

Every company uses information, and quite often from many different sources – CRM, Accounting packages, Market information, Sales records, GIS and more. For effective decision making, Management has to sift through disparate sets of data in different formats from cumbersome systems.

You don’t run your business in a rigid box or under defined criteria, so why do you have to review information in a format that systems dictate it can be read. Your business and your thoughts are evolving, and Grey Matter understands that.

We have extensive experience in bringing all of your data into user-centric interactivity which allows management to change the MI as the thought process evolves. Speed of information is matched to speed of thought.

Grey Matter provides our clients with unparalleled access to their business information, in simple, graphical, intuitive ways – real time, anywhere and in the format you choose.

Through our global experience in financial services, operations and reporting, Grey Matter identified a niche in the African market for solutions to address the various challenges around the management of financial data.