Asset Management

The investment in the assets of your operations is significant. You will have the direct cost of purchase, and you may spend a lot more in the insurance, custody, maintenance, and security of assets, but you also have the hidden costs of lost revenues, unproductive labour or operations when an asset is misplaced, stolen or under repair.

Assettagz Africa is a Grey Matter Affiliate and one of South Africa’s leading Asset Lifecycle Management Solutions Company. They specialise in designing, building and implementing innovative and practical asset management solutions for a variety of market sectors.

The core benefit to their clients is the reliable, timeous and accurate data that is gathered and maintained trough Assetagz’s high technology low cost solutions.

Assettagz Africa provides full project management; from initial consultancy, data analysis and migration through to implementation and support, underpinned by a strong project management, bespoke training methodology and technologically advanced tracking hardware and software.