Our placement success rate is over 95%. How do we do it?

While we do offer recruitment solutions, our success rate is precisely because we aren’t a placement firm. We’re a consultancy.

At Grey Matter Thinking, we provide solutions to banks with high complexity problems. Once we’ve defined how to solve them and developed the relevant solutions, we then look at the people component. In almost every case, personnel are integral to overcoming our clients’ challenges. And that’s when our clients ask us to source the right skillsets for them.

Because we have a wide range of sources that help us identify the best candidate, and because we know exactly what our clients are looking for, we can find uniquely skilled people and place them as consultants in areas of the bank where they can bring about change. In doing so, they play an important part of solving our clients’ problems on a day-to-day basis.

And in nearly every instance, the bank is so impressed with our choice of consultants that they ask to employ them as permanent staff. A request we welcome.

Consulting helps us find the right people

Our recruitment process goes hand in hand with our consultancy solutions. And because we work so closely with our clients during consulting engagements, we are best placed to find the right people for these roles from both a skill and culture fit perspective.

As the banks’ consulting firm, we become immersed in their business and we collaborate with their teams.

And that gives us a detailed, practical view of the people our clients need – not just their unique skillsets but also their ambition and work ethic.

In fact, we have such a detailed understanding of the business, its operations, current staff complement, and its team dynamics that we can place candidates with nearly 100% success.

Why we’re different

Placement agencies are concerned with making a certain number of placements a month to keep their business afloat. They keep a massive database of CVs and spend countless hours processing CVs, interviewing candidates and cold calling to find the next vacancy and client.

We are completely the opposite. We only ever interview when it’s for a specific role, notified to us by our clients. And if we find the right person, we usually hire them for ourselves and place them at our client, giving the client an option, but not an obligation, to hire them permanently.

This has some key benefits for our clients:

  • We’re able to place the candidate almost immediately at our client. By hiring the staff member ourselves, we undertake the relevant HR processes and assume the inherent risks
  • The client gets to test the candidate in their work environment over a reasonable observation period
  • If the candidates prove themselves, the client can hire them permanently. Or the client can terminate their service immediately without any legal implications
  • These staff members can get advice from our other consultants and our senior management if needed.
  • We also train them if necessary, and then place them as contract workers within the bank.

Our level of conviction that we’ve found the ideal person for our client is so high that we only ever put one person forward for any position.

This saves the client from wasting precious time interviewing a bunch of inappropriate candidates, as we filter out everyone but the very best.

That’s why we have a success rate of over 95%.