GMT is a highly regarded process reengineering firm with the skills and competencies to deliver accounting and IT solutions to the banking sector. Solutions are based on robust and practical design principles and we have chosen to engage with them on a number of occasions where the capacity has not been available in-house. They are widely versed with the banking sector and bring industry best practice to each engagement.


I have had the pleasure in working with Grey Matter Thinking for several years now. The team has assisted me with an advisory service, project implementation and management as well as lecturing and presentations over the years. These services have been based on the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) as well as other ad hoc related projects and investigations dealing with Credit in the South African Banking industry. Richard and his team have a vast array of skills which they bring to the table which guarantees the success and completion of the work in an efficient and timeous manner. The Grey Matter Thinking team consistently delivers a superior level of work in an enthusiastic and committed fashion with a core focus on delivery. It has been a pleasure working with Richard and his team over the past years and look forward to our future engagements.